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Freecycle safety

Here are some safety tips to remember (collated from the combined wisdom of other Freecycle groups):

If someone is coming to the house, arrange to meet them outside. Safety should always be your top priority. It is usually an easy option to leave an item you've offered on the porch, carport, etc.

I've also offered to drop off something I've offered if the person is relatively close by.

Exchanging phone numbers, so that you can contact each other however, this is not necessary. Reasons to exchange numbers: This helps if there are problems (e.g. you have to go out unexpectedly, or they're lost and can't find you). But it's better to only give your phone number to one person at a time, otherwise you'll get swamped with phone calls.

Follow your instincts. And maybe, don't go pick up the item that seems too good to be true after dark from the person who won't give you their phone number.

In term of safety, when picking up or giving away, make sure you have another adult go with you. If you do go alone tell someone where you are going or who you are meeting.

Feel free to email the moderators here on Freecycle Seattle if you have any questions or concerns. We want this to be a successful service for our community.


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