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Freecycle success after lockdown

Dear Freecyclers

I just wanted to email everyone registered on this site to say what a fab amount of activity has been happening since we emerged from lockdown proper. It must have been a frustrating time when we were all at home and if you are like me had nothing to do except get the house and garden up together for the first time and nowhere to give your good stuff away to. So activity has been fab and not that it's a problem putting on a wanted post but I have a look at other sites locally and on some there are more people wanting items than there are items being offered, so I think we are a generous lot.

I don't have to reject many wanted posts if they lack please and thank you but I will continue to do this as I think manners are important.

I was informed this week that someone was having trouble getting messages through to the people that she had given items to. I think it was more a technical/signal issue but I would like to stress to everyone to have a good line of communication going. If you are unable to make a time to collect something then please let the other party know. I have had a pair of curtains to and fro-ing from front garden to porch in a bag for four days and the person has still not collected them so they have now been given elsewhere.

Carry on freecycling!! An amazing amount of stuff is NOT going into landfill because of what we all do on this site.

Kind regards


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