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Springfield VA

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Location, Location, Location

Please remember when posting Offer: requests that a location more specific than "Springfield" is required. Preferably, it should be a pair of nearby cross streets, but a neigborhood name is generally also acceptable, as long as it gives a good idea of where a potential freecycler will need to travel in order to pick up the item you've offered. Members who post Offer: Posts with Springfield as the location in the location line will be put on Moderation until multiple posts are made correctly.

Why is this so important, you ask?

Say you see an offer you want, but it only says Springfield, but you think - hey, Springfield isn't that big, I'll run over there after I do x and it's all good. But, you get a response back, you live on the northern edge of Springfield, and this item, which you have now been promised is clear across Springfield at the edge of Alexandria in Kingstowne where we overlap... Maybe the item is a sippy cup or two for your little one. But you get busy with life and forget, and you tell someone you'll be there and they put it out, and you don't come. (It happens to us all, we are all busy and we all have our forgetful moments.) But, now they are upset because they took the time to put something out and you didn't show up. You email and apologize, and set up for another time, but, let's face it, no one likes their time to be wasted when people don't show up, and not knowing a location when an item is posted can contribute to people not showing for items because it's pretty far from them, even though it's in the same city. The point is this: The Location Line of your post is important, having the correct information there in the first place can save you a bit of a headache in the long run, because if someone knows before they respond to your post approximately where they will be going they may think twice about responding because of how far it is for them to go.

Thank you all for your time, and for being such a great group, and Happy Freecycling!

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