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Offer ideas

I'm sure everyone can think of something to offer; here are some ideas. The possibilities are endless.

Bedroom / Closets Disposable bed pads you get from the hospital-think labor and delivery (a multitude of uses!!) Old cushions - somebody's dog might use as a bed! Old holey jeans (dissected, they make great patches) Old worn out Quilts, comforters, throws - can be used as dog bedding. Old sheets, towels - used to cover plants in winter, as drop cloths, cut up as rags, etc. (Towels make great barn/garage rags) OLD, no longer safe to use, HEAD BOARDS: Some people take those and make "flower beds" or use them and remake benches Ratty t-shirts (make great barn/garage rags) Kids / Toys Bicycle parts or old ones for parts Broken crayons Jigsaw puzzles that you are never going to do again Pet toys, even used and chewed, and accessories Garden / Yard Garbage cans - old ones to use for yard trash, or composting bins Garden Hoses - even with holes, it can be cut up and used as drainage from a rain barrel Miscellaneous yard things like the old wheelbarrow that needs a tire Kitchen / Pantry / Bathroom Contact lens cases, even used Dishes and china - even broken, they can be used in crafts, mosaics and jewelry Egg Cartons - The Styrofoam ones are often used by preschoolers for various projects Plastic ware - Some hate the sound of metal forks on ceramic Pots and Pans - even old ones no longer used for cooking Prescription bottles (labels removed) Empty Cat Litter Buckets, the box of old plumbing or electrical parts in the basement, leftover building materials Candle stubs Old bowling balls, even chipped and cracked (for crafts) Old paint cans (with or without paint, the cans can be cleaned and reused) Ice Cooler - an old Styrofoam one with holes can be used to start a vermiculture (worm) bin Old paper - have a box of tractor-fed printer paper still lying around? Kids could use it to draw on! Old cars and car parts, tires that no longer fit your car, the old vacuum cleaner taking up closet space Empty baby wipe tubs Magazines - kids can use them to do collages Old stamps, stickers, Popsicle sticks - think school crafts! Umbrellas - use an old one hung upside down under chandeliers to catch run-off when you clean them Sewing Supplies Old electronics - there might be someone who can use that old turntable, cassette deck stereo, computer stuff...for parts or play

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