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Troy & Clawson

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Challenge of posting a pet

Hi there, Offering pets on Freecycle is a very challenging subject. I am willing to allow you to post a message but please consider it no different than if you put an offer on CraigsList or in your newspaper. This is a public forum.

Finding a new safe home is a big deal. You need to understand there are unscrupulous people in our world answering offers for pets and then selling the animals to companies as research specimens or using them as bait to teach their dogs to kill or fight.

If you have found a stray and are looking for a new home please take them to a local shelter or vet and let them check for a microchip. Their owner may be out there looking.

Please read below for some helpful information.

Thank you for your consideration, Troy and Clawson Moderator

This letter is to aide you in finding the best new home for your pet. Finding a home is not as simple as the first person who responds to your notification. Unfortunately, that home may not be suitable and only you will know this.

First a warning - If you receive any negative emails, due to your posting, from any member of our Freecycle Group, please forward the entire e-mail to the Moderator ( We need to be aware of any transgression of the etiquette rules. DO NOT respond to any emails, other than Offers of New Homes.

We understand that you have a large network of people from which to see if you can find a home - within that we ask that you be 100% responsible in placing your cherished pet with a new owner.

Here is the criteria we strongly recommend you follow: 1) Wait at least 48 hours to see all responses to your posting

2) Then email back each responder and ask them a few questions about their family situation and household situation. These questions are no different than those that would be asked by a rescue group. - How many members are in your family? - Have you had pets before? - Do you plan on keeping this pet inside? - Are you sure there are no allergies to pets? - Do you have a veterinarian yet? If this turns them off and they won't comply that is a red flag.

3) Then choose which family you will "interview" first.

4) Notify that family and choose a meeting time when all members of the family will be present - take the pet with you - on a leash.

5) Go to the house and make sure you look around carefully. - Is there a yard? Is there a fence? Is this important? - Are there other animals - how do they interact? - Are there young children - how do they interact? - Is this house suitable? - Is this family suitable? Also, you need to look around and make a bit of a judgment call on whether or not this person can afford this pet. Not everyone should own a pet. Can they afford to feed and provide medical care for an animal.

6) Choose if this is the family for this pet and if not, be gracious in saying, I am sorry I do not think "Buster" would be suited to your family.

7) Try again.

8) Leave the family your contact information so if they have questions or need you to take Buster back, they can reach you. Also leave them the information on the pet's vet and a medical history.

Now, I know this looks like a lot, but it is for the protection of you, your pet and the new family.

All we ask is that you be 100% responsible for the placement of your pet. If you can not take it on, you might want to contact your local shelter or rescue group.

If your pet is challenging, please utilize the option of a Rescue group or Shelter right away. DO NOT attempt to find a new home on your own for a pet if it is known to bite or attack in any way. Allow that animal to go to a shelter and be properly assessed and prepared for a new household.

We recommend no kill shelters and Rescue Groups before the local city pound or SPCA. Although both do a wonderful service, they may not be the healthiest places to leave your pet.

I have been informed that one local no kill shelter is in Southfield Another option is as they will allow you to search for groups in your area for help.

Good luck in your search for a new home - we hope that it is a successful one.

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