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Wayland - Weston

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Freecycle Guidelines

First, a happy new year to all of our members!

I am writing to provide a quick summary of some of the basic rules - this isn't everything, but just the stuff that seems to create confusion the most often or result in questions or comments. Please do review these:

(1) Please try to aggregate your posts - rather than send out several posts each with a separate item, put them all into one post. This is a little more work for you to keep track of what's claimed and what isn't, but it's much easier on the other 1300+ members to deal with less crowded inboxes

(2) Please post to only group at a time - if you are a member of any neighboring groups, please pick one to consider your home group and post your offers and wanteds in your home group first. If you don't have success within a few days or a week, then go ahead and post to another group.

(3) Please do not make offers for items that are left out at a given address -- the result will be that several people will come by for pickup and all but one will have wasted their trip. Your items should only be given out only after selecting someone you have made arrangements with.

(4) Please do not ask to borrow anything - posts can only be for items to be given away (free), no strings attached. I know loans and borrowing seem totally reasonable, but if something breaks or there are other problems, this creates complications that are beyond my role as moderator! :-)

(5) Please be patient with posts - after you've had one or two good posts, we will try to unmoderate you and your posts will go through nearly immediately. In the meantime, your posts will require human intervention, and there will be delays. If something has taken more than 24 hours to go through, please do email us. If you have a specific very urgent time rush, then go ahead and email us sooner and let us know you have posted and need a quick response. We'll try to be accommodating.

(6) Changes to your membership - please try to handle membership changes yourself (you can change whether you get individual emails or digests, or even no emails at all, and whether you want to leave the group) through the my.freecycle.org site. If you need help, you are welcome to ask for it, but if you can manage stuff on your own, we appreciate it (we have nearly 1400 members at this point, so it's hard to handle all communications quickly)

Thanks!! Our group generally has run very smoothly, but we are always happy to take your suggestions and comments.

Regards, Kim Head Moderator, Wayland-Weston Freecycle

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