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Wayland - Weston

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Reminder of Freecycle Rules

Just writing with a brief reminder of Freecycle rules. Now that we're not on the Yahoo group, we don't get the monthly reminders, so I thought it might be timely to send out a brief set of rules:

Remember, Freecycle Wayland/Weston exists for one purpose -- to re-distribute our unwanted but still useful stuff.

1) NO DISCUSSIONS, NO SPAM, NO MONEY, NO TRADES, NO LONG STORIES. Also, nothing illegal, no weapons, no drugs, health risks or pornographic material allowed. No trading people, no matter how sick you are of your kids :-) The Moderators' word is final. Enough of the No's (though there are some DON'Ts below, too).

2) PLEASE START WITH AN OFFER. As a gesture of goodwill, your first post should be an Offer.

3) SUBJECT LINE The 1-2-3 of subject format (not so important to remember now that My Freecycle enforces this format):

1. Begin each subject with a CODE WORD (OFFER, TAKEN, WANTED, RECEIVED) 2. Include your item 3. End each subject with your location.

4) LIST YOUR TOWN. Helps others know how far they have to travel. Freecycle is trying to help save the Earth's resources, so we want to save on gasoline, too.

5) RESPOND DIRECTLY. Do not send responses to the list. Send them directly to the person who made the offer.

6) SELECT A WINNER. You may choose anyone who responds to your post. You may decide any way you like. Arrange pickup with one person at a time. You may re-offer or select someone else if your pick up falls through. Feel free to wait a day before selecting a winner -- the best respondent for your item may get daily digest rather than individual emails, and may not be the person who responds first.

7) DON'T MAKE OPEN OFFERS, such as "it's on the porch, whoever gets here first gets it". This will waste gas, irritate everyone who isn't first, and may even lead to fights.

8) DON'T POST your phone number or street address to the list. You may get swamped with phone calls.

9) DON'T POST TO MORE THAN ONE GROUP AT A TIME. Post to your home group (the one that serves the area where you live or work) first. If you do not receive a reply after three days, you may post it to another group. Do not make multiple-list postings.

10) THE MODERATOR HAS THE RIGHT TO EDIT OR REJECT POSTS. I will try not to, as I have better things to do with my time.

That should do it. Have fun and keep on keeping stuff out of the landfills!

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