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Wayland - Weston

  3146 Members   Please see the Member FAQ for help

ADMIN: Make sure you are getting your My Freecycle Email

As you know, I've switched our group over to MyFreecycle (http://my.freecycle.org - note: no www in the address)

Please make sure you check your mail settings when you register (or if you have registered already, log in and check them) - When you go to the "My Groups" tab, check the drop-down next to the Wayland/Weston group - it will have options for how to CHANGE your settings (though it won't show you what your current settings are). You will either see an option to receive emails (which means you currently are not set to receive emails) or to stop receiving them (which means you currently are set to receive emails). Change the setting if you'd like.

I have had one user find that even though she was set up to receive emails, she was not getting them. Please let me know if this is happening to you, as I was able to reset her mailing settings, and her mail is now working.

I am sending this ADMIN from both Yahoo and MyFreecycle to ensure that people who were previously receiving Yahoo emails are aware that they need to check their mail settings at MyFreecycle.

People who are registered not to receive emails may receive this one anyway, as ADMINs are supposed to go to all users - so you cannot assume that because you received this email that you are generally receiving emails.

Please login or sign up to My Freecycle to join this group.