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Do's and Don'ts of Freecycle Posting Please Read.

Some guidelines for making posts on Wellington Freecycle

Wanted Posts

You should; -ask for specific items not make general sweeping requests -Only ask for maximum 3-4 items per post -Be polite -Be Realistic -Give as much information about what you want as you can -say if you can pick up

-No Borrows -No Lends -No Hires -No General Questions -No Phone Numbers -No Web Links -No Public Notices -No Notices about Garage sales/ Galas/Fairs/Fundraisers etc -No Sob Stories,/ ‘Desperate’ Posts/’Urgent’ Posts -No Anything and Everything General Posts

-Give, don’t just Take .Freecycle works best if everyone Gives and Takes

Wanted posts can only be repeated once every 30 days

Offer Posts

You may get many replies to your post, it is your choice who you give the item to. It is not a requirement to give it to the first person who replies

-give your location -give as much detail about the item as you can, including any faults -if applicable give measurements -say when you want it picked up by -if the item has gone run a Taken Post promptly

Offer Posts should only be repeated once every 14 days

Replying to posts or replies

-Be Polite, someone is giving you a gift -Reply promptly -Pick up when you say you will -Only ask for something if you have a use for it, Hoarding is not ‘Cool’ -Replying to an offer tell them what you want it for, or what use it will be put to. It will help them decide who they want to give it to -tell them where you live and when you could pick it up

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