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**IMPORTANT ** Scammers on Freecycle

Important notice for Wellington Freecycle members .

You are receiving this Admin email because you are a member of the Wellington Freecycle Group and this is the way the site administrators communicate important information to members .

World wide we are seeing an increase in the number of Scammers trying use Freecycle to scam people out of money for delivery charges.

They usually offer something on Freecycle that causes people to act before thinking , Some examples are Offering Laptops , Plasma TV's, Electric Bikes , Though they have been known to reply to wanted posts. In all cases the Scammer says they have moved out of the area but if you send them money for Freight / courier they will send you the goods.

We are intercepting nearly all of these scam emails before they get sent out BUT if you are ever asked to front up with freight charges to get something sent to you from outside the area be aware it is most likely a Scam

Regards The Moderator Team

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