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Improve your chances when replying to Offer Posts on Freecycle

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Improve your chances when replying to Offer Posts on Freecycle.

I am often amazed at some of the responses I get to Offer posts on Freecycle.

Below is a list of suggestions for how you might improve your chances of being the recipient of something offered.

1/ Be Polite. Someone is choosing whether to give you something for Free ahead of all the other responses they get

2/ Give your name (Common Courtesy)

3/ Give a contact phone number . People don't always want to play email ping pong with you over several days. If your number is there they can call/ text to make arrangements if they want to

4/ Perhaps give a bit of information about what you want it for . If someone has had 6 responses it might help them chose you ahead of the others

5/ Say which suburb you live in and when you could pick it up. It is a fact , the further someone has to travel to pick an item up the more likely they are to No-Show

6/ Turn up and take the item as agreed. Not many people will offer you something else if you have let them down previously

7/ Lastly, thank the person. They have just given you something for free and are more likely to give you something in the future if you have been grateful previously

Regards The Moderator Team

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