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We would like to say a big thank you to all of you for using Freecycle(R). 

We would also like to remind you that for your own personal saftey, please DO NOT put your personal details such as email address and telephone numbers in your posts. 

All your items must be free as the aim of this group is to keep them from landfills and to help others. 

Please be polite to one another, for example, if you promise to collect an item, do not keep the offerer waiting. There will be lots of other people wanting the same item and you would be the lucky one to be sellected, so please collect ASAP. 


If you are new or need a reminder, this is a quick help guide to posting and replying to a post. 

Posting an item: You first need to be a registered member. From your front page of freecycle, click on the ‘my post’ tab, then click ‘make a new post’. Add the relevant details then click ‘make the post’. It may take up to 24 hours (sometimes longer for your post to be approved) so do not expect a reply from members straight away. 

Replying to a post: You hit the ‘reply to post’ button and leave the person a polite message. Check your junk emails in case the reply has gone there. It is up to the person posting the item to choose who they give it to, so don't be disappointed if you do not get the item you wanted at first. For your own safety please do not include your phone number or your email address in your post.

This is not necessary as members are able to get in touch with you using the "Reply to this post" link underneath your post. 

Animal Posts We have received several complaints regarding the posting of pets on wigan Freecycle(R) . With this in mind we have decided that posts offering or wanting pets will no longer be allowed. It is not possible to check the welfare of the animal properly and there are plenty of animal welfare charities and organizations available to offer help on this matter. 

Car Boot Items,Bric-a-brac, Non-specific items We will no longer accept posts asking for non specific items, such as car boot items, bric a brac etc., Please make a post detailing the specific items that you are asking for. If you ask for a few things at a time in separate posts you have a better chance of receiving the items you are looking for. You are able to make 2 Wanted posts within a 7 day period with a maximum of 3 items per post. Please ensure that you make it clear that the items will be sold on for profit. 

Scrap Metal Posts This group will not accept wanted posts for scrap metal. We do not have the resources to verify registration status of members who request scrap metal. 

No drugs of any kind are to be posted on this site. This includes Prescription drugs and contact lenses. Food may be offered but please give use by/sell by date. If it is out of date you may still offer it to be used perhaps for something else other than human consumption. 

Alcohol and Tobacco products are Not permitted. Copy DVD’s are not permitted, as Films are copyrighted and this is illegal. 

Fireworks are not permitted as they are a restricted item, restricted to adults over the age of 18. As Freecycle does not ask for it's users to be over the age of 18, we cannot accept the risk of fireworks being requested by young people. 

Posts regarding frogspawn will not be accepted as this can cause disease 

Gas Cylinders containing compressed gases which are apparently empty may in fact still contain some original content. This also applies to Fire Extinguishers. Unless properly handled, orphaned gas cylinders are a safety risk because their contents can be pressurised - presenting the risk of the violent release of their contents; flammable (such as propane, or acetylene) toxic such as chlorine If a cylinder is no longer needed it should be returned to a local dealer of the company owning the cylinder however If you are unable to trace the owner of the gas cylinder, some local authority civic amenity sites may offer a cylinder disposal service, where they accept ‘orphaned cylinders’. They can store them in a safe manner prior to collection by the cylinder-owning company. Soda Stream gas canisters are permitted. 

Petrol/Oil of any kind is not permitted. 

Unlocked hardware; such as games consoles and tv receivers are not allowed Unlocking software Software to help “unlock” any electrical items is not allowed. 

Virgin Media Set Boxes Virgin Media Set Boxes always remain the property of Virgin Media so can not be offered. 

Weapons & knives Safety concerns as well as national laws mean that no weapons or knives can be offered. This includes chef and kitchen knives as well as historical ornamental items e.g. samurai swords or WW1 bayonets or sport items such as Bows and arrows. 

WANTED POSTS This group limits WANTED posts to 2 per 7 day period. Each WANTED can be posted ONCE per 10 days with a maximum of 3 items per one WANTED post. If you make two Wanted posts within a 7 day period and decided to cancel them you cannot make the same post again until 10 days have expired, although you can make a different wanted post after 7 days. Thank you for your understanding on this very important matter. We would appreciate you keeping Wanted posts to a minimum regarding the item you require. Please do not provide a reason / hardship story with your wanted request because we like all our members to have an equal chance of getting the item that they require. Obviously if one member were to say “I am a single mum, short of cash, etc.”, this may be more appealing to someone with an item to donate than perhaps a member who simply requested an item. 

Capital Letters Please try not to use too many capital letters. This is known as shouting and many people see it as being rude. 

No Borrowing or Hiring Borrowing or hiring comes with strings attached as you are required to return the item once you have used it. Freecycle works by offering items to others and asking nothing in return. You are welcome to place a Wanted ad for an item you would like, just don’t offer to borrow and return it once you are done. By passing an item on to someone else once we have finished with it we are helping to keep stuff out of landfill. Please do not ask for an item from a member if you intend to sell it on. This site should not be used as a means of obtaining free items for profit. If you intend to sell on an item you must make this clear to the member offering it, at the time you ask for it. 

To Unsubscribe from Emails You are able to amend your settings so that you won’t receive emails from us however this will not stop Admin emails, you will still receive these. If you wish to leave the Freecycle group click on the "Delete  my Account" button, you will no longer be a member of the My Freecycle site with any group. This action will completely remove you from our system. This is NOT the same as unsubscribing yourself from a group. You must LEAVE a group before you DELETE your account. If you do not leave first, you may continue to receive emails from the group. If you accidentally delete your account, but wish to still belong to a local group, you must sign up with a new account. 

STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO REPLY TO A POST In order to respond to a post please follow these instructions: 1. Click on "See details" 2. Click on "Reply to this post" 3. Type your response and click on "Send message" TO CHANGE THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USE ON FREECYCLE PLEASE FOLLOW THESE STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS. From the front page of the group site click on the green tab MY INFO on right hand side. In the box that pops up click on CHANGE MY FREECYCLE EMAIL ADDRESS In the next pop up box input the New email Address then confirm this on the next line and then click on SAVE NEW EMAIL ADDRESS We also reserve the right to remove any post that we feel isn't relevant to Freecycle.

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