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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the Frequently Asked Questions. If you cannot find the answer to your question here, you could try looking in the Group Files documents "How to use this website" and "Group Rules"

You may also find the answer using a search engine such as Google

If none of these provides the answer you can contact the moderators on

•How do I sign up? •I can't login •How do I change my email preferences? •My emails are not going to the right email address! •I signed up for MF, but I can't post to the group •How do I mark an item as TAKEN?

How do I sign up?

To join you will need to go to Freecycle and create a user account for Freecycle Groups:

•Enter your chosen User ID •Enter your chosen email address •On the next line, please create a password and write it down! •Enter the password again to confirm accuracy •Tick the Terms of Use box on the right •Click on the Sign Up button You will now be a member of Freecycle Groups but not yet a member of any specific group. •You will need to add a local group to your membership. Click on the MY GROUPS tab and enter the name of the group you wish to join into the search box and click search •On the next page, click on JOIN this group on the far right of the group name. Do not go to the group page, but JOIN this group You will now be a member of Freecycle Groups and also the local group of your choice. You may join more than one local group, if applicable, by repeating the last 2 steps above. You only need to join Freecycle Groups once.

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I can't login

First, make sure you are entering your password exactly as you first entered it, as the characters are case sensitive. If you are still not able to log in, I suggest that you reset your password and then log in with the new password. To reset your password, go here The new, one-time temporary (24 hour) password will be sent to your email. Enter your username and your new temporary password here Make sure you are entering your temporary password exactly as it was emailed to you, as the characters are case sensitive. Once you are logged on, follow the prompts to change the temporary password to one that you can remember easily. Make sure you click the Save Password button when you are ready, and please remain on that page until the password is indeed saved. If you encounter any difficulties, please write back and let us know. Back to top

How do I change my email preferences?

To change your email preferences, please visit Freecycle and login with your username and password. Click on the "My Groups" tab. You will see your groups on the left and settings button on the right. Click the Change Settings button for that group. On the next page click the drop down menu to see the available email delivery options. The options are: "None apart from admins”, ”One for each post” and “Email digest”. Admins are special notices from the moderators. Select your preferred option and click "Change Email Preference". Back to top

My emails are not going to the right email address!

To change your email address, please log in to Freecycle . From there, click on "My Freecycle" then the "Change My Freecycle email address" button. Enter your new email address (twice) and click "Save new email address". Please allow 24-48 hours for the system to confirm any changes. Back to top

I Signed Up for MF, but I can't post to the Group

I suggest logging into Freecycle and then checking that you have Winchester Freecycle added to your groups. To do this, click on the "My Groups" tab. If Winchester does not appear as one of the groups you are already a member of, type "Group Name" into the search area. When Winchester Freecycle comes up, click on "Join this Group". Once you have added Winchester Freecycle, you are now ready to post! Click on the "My Posts" tab to start posting. Back to top

How do I Mark an item as TAKEN?

To mark your OFFER as TAKEN, please login to Freecycle and click on "My Posts". You will see a list of your open POSTs there. Click the manage button next to the post you wish to close.. On the next page click to confirm that you wish to close the post. At that point a TAKEN email will be sent to those who choose to receive emails, and your post will be removed from the message board. Back to top

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