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How to use the Freecycle Website

Welcome to York Freecycle!

Your personal area of the Freecycle website is called My Freecycle as YOU have total control over your account. The Moderators have no access to your personal account and cannot change your settings for you.

TO POST AN OFFER OR WANTED: - Login at, and click on the "My Posts" tab. - Click "Make a new post" and use the drop down menu to choose either OFFER or WANTED. - Make sure the group you are wishing to post to is in the "Post to" field or select it from the drop down box. - Fill in a brief description of the item (one item per message) - Fill in your location (where you live) - Add more details for the description in the box provided, and click "Make the Post" button to post your message (please note, if your membership is moderated, you will need to wait for moderator approval before your message is posted).

TO SEND A TAKEN/RECEIVED MESSAGE: - Freecycle was designed so that when a Taken message is sent to the board, the original Offer is automatically removed from the board. This way, you can visit the site and quickly see what OFFERs and WANTEDs are open without having to search through the board for a Taken message.

IF YOU HAVE AN OPEN OFFER OR WANTED POST ON THE BOARD AND NEED TO MARK IT AS TAKEN OR RECEIVED: -Login at and click on "My Posts" -To the left you will see your open posts, with a button marked "manage", click this and you will see two options available for each post: Mark as TAKEN/RECEIVED or Remove from My Freecycle. -Choose "Mark as TAKEN" (Or RECEIVED if it is a Wanted). -You will be brought to a new screen that has a default Taken message. You can edit this message if you choose. If you do not, simply click "Send Taken message". -Your OFFER/WANTED will then be removed from the board. Those who choose to receive emails will also receive an email notification with your TAKEN/RECEIVED message.

TO POST A PICTURE WITH YOUR OFFER: -Login at and click on the "My Posts" tab. -Click "Make a new post" and use the drop down menu to choose Offer. (The add a picture option is only visible when posting a OFFER post and is not shown when placing a WANTED post. It is also not shown if the group you belong to do not allow pictures to be posted). -If the group you belong to allows pictures to be posted, the option will appear at the end of the form. -Click "Browse" to choose a photo on your computer. (The picture has to be 256kb or less in size. If it is larger, you will need to resize it using a programme such as Microsoft Paint). -Click "Make the Post" after adding the photo.

TO KEEP TRACK OF YOUR OFFERS/WANTEDS: - Login at and click on the "My Posts" tab. -Your open OFFERs/WANTEDs will be displayed by date. -To close your OFFER/WANTED, click "Mark as TAKEN" or "Mark as RECEIVED" and follow the prompts. - If the item was not Taken or Received, but you would like to remove the post from the board, click "Remove post from My Freecycle".

TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL DELIVERY PREFERENCE: -Login at and click on the "My Groups" tab. -Click the Change Settings button for that group. On the next page using the drop down menu you can see the available email delivery options which will not include the option currently chosen. -The options are: to receive all postings, Digest, or NO MAIL via email, (Please note, if you choose to receive no email, you will still receive special notices from the moderators). After choosing your option, click: "SAVE SETTINGS".

TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD, EMAIL ADDRESS, OR TO DELETE YOUR FREECYCLE ACCOUNT (NOT USED TO UNSUBSCRIBE FROM A LOCAL GROUP): -Login at and click on the "My Info" tab. -Click on the appropriate button and make the changes. Remember to click on the prompt to save your changes. -**If you delete your Freecycle Account before you unsubscribe from all local groups you belong to, you will still get email from any local group and will need the help of the moderators to unsubscribe from the local group because you will no longer be able to LOGIN to the deleted account, and will not be able to recreate the account because the email and user ID will still be in use. The unsubscribe/leave group button is found under the My Groups tab clicking on the settings button. Repeat for all local groups and then delete the Freecycle Account membership. **Very important**

TO VIEW YOUR LOCAL GROUP'S FILES: -Login to your account at and click on the "My Groups" tab. -Click on your local group name. - When you are brought to your Group page, hover over the "Group Info" tab, and then drop down and click on "Files. - The group files will be displayed. Click on an individual file to download and review.

TO MARK A POST AS INAPPROPRIATE: Just below the REPLY button on site you will find a "Mark As Inappropriate" button. When a member clicks on this they must fill out a form to send to the Moderators. It is used by members to identify posts that have slipped through to the group from members who are not moderated. This is a very valuable tool to have on any group as the Moderators may not spot an inappropriate post amongst all the messages and it gives you an easy way to let the Moderators know.

How TO REACH THE MODERATORS: If you have a question, problem or complaint you can contact the group Moderators by using this online link:

Please login or sign up to My Freecycle to join this group.