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General DOs and DON'Ts for using Freecycle

These are the rules we have for using the group.

DO remember Freecycle's basic aim of keeping stuff out of landfill.

DO remember that messages should be appropriate for all ages.

DO be polite in your messages and in emails to other members.

DO allow some time (a day or so) for people to respond if you can, and think about who to choose for your item.

DO balance your "WANTED:" messages with "OFFER:" messages.

DO describe items as best as you can. If something is broken, say so.

DO remember that messages may not be posted for some time after you send them.

DO combine multiple similar items into one "OFFER:" message.

DO tell the other member if you've been offered something but can't collect it at the agreed time.

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DON'T have more than one item (or group of related items) per WANTED message.

DON'T repeat a message more than once every seven days.

DON'T offer or ask for payment for anything, including delivery.

DON'T ask for money-off or promotional vouchers.

DON'T ask or offer to borrow or swap items.

DON'T offer or ask for pets, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, hazardous materials, used cosmetics, prescription or pharmacy-only medicines, or anything illegal.

DON'T give your full address in messages. We also advise against posting your phone number.

DON'T cross-post the same message to more than one group at the same time. Please leave 48 hours between posting the same message to another group.

DON'T reply to offers if you're not really sure that you want the item and can collect it.

DON'T ask for or offer advice, information, comments, or services of any kind.

DON'T sell things you are given on Freecycle - unless it's okay with the person who gave you the item.

DON'T use emotive language in WANTED posts: just ask for an item without giving a sob story.

DON'T automatically offer to the first person who responds - unless you want to!

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