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Complaints and remedy for Freecycle posts

Hello Freecycle Members, We have had some complaints about certain members not picking up the items that they had posted for and being lax in communications with the person posting the Offers. I think we can do better than this. So if you know you can't pick up within a day or 2, please let the person who offered the item know. And if an item is large, prepare the car or truck beforehand so that it is ready to load. I am always amazed at the generosity and kindness of our membership. We are a great group of giving and thoughtful members so please keep the lines of communications open and do not ask for something unless you can pick up within a day or so or make other arrangements with the person offering the item. Let us Mods know if you are having any problems at all. We are here to help whatever the problem is.

We have also had problems with members not receiving answers from their Offers or Wanted posts. What is happening is that your Internet Server is marking posts from Freecycle as Spam and you are not receiving the post because it is going to spam but not in your spam box but to your Server. Please add the following to your address book, @posts.freecycle.org and this should take care of the problem according to the Techs ;-)

Thank you for recycling and helping to keep good things out of the landfill. Every bit helps and we are all doing our part. We are just so very proud of our Freecycle members!

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