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SCAM POSTS - To All Members

This is a warning for all members.

In many Freecycle(R) groups there have been numerous Scam Posts.

These scammers have become very creative and may offer pets such as macaws and dogs to electronics and everyday household items.

If anyone offers you an item and requests payment or vouchers for postage, please report it to your group moderators.

DO NOT send money for any reason! The only way we can stop these scammers is to refuse to send money and report them so they can be removed from the group.

A big thankyou to those of you who reported recent Scam Posts!

If you spot a post which you believe to be a Scam Post, or Money, Vouchers etc have been requested in exchange for an item, then please contact your local mod team at freecyclepurbeck@mods.freecycle.org.

Thankyou :-)

Your Purbeck Moderator

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