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As you must all be aware there have been a number of posts offering FREE LAPTOPS, IPADS, NOTEBOOKS etc recently.

Unfortunately it is very difficult to determine whether these posts are genuine or not, so I would ask that you proceed with caution should you choose to contact the member offering the items.

Please be aware that if you are asked to pay postage as the items are far away, or are asked to pay a fee for the items, that this does contradict our Freecycle (R) guidelines and could well be a scam post! (Read an actual reply below.)

Please be cautious and if you are concerned please contact the Purbeck Mod Team and of course we will be happy to help.

Should you wish to offer any free computer type items, perhaps you would like to contact us here first so that we know that your post is a genuine one.

Let's all help keep Freecycle safe for everyone.

Many thanks, Helen

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A reply from one of these such posts is detailed below. It does ask for postage costs to be paid and supposedly the laptops are by the Scottish Borders...


Laptops specifications HP Pavilion 14 to15.6" Type: Notebook Operating System: Windows 7 installed Processor Type: 4th generation Intel Core i5-4200U Processor Speed: 2.60 GHz Hard Drive: 500-750 GB HDD 5400 rpm Graphics Processing Type: Intel HD graphics 4400 CD Rom: DVD RW

Dell Inspiron 1545…. 14 to15.6” Type: Notebook Operating System: Windows 7 installed Processor Speed: 2.2 GHz Hard Drive: 500 GB HDD CD Rom: DVD RW The laptops are used with a few scratches on them but all working well. The batteries are not in bad condition and can handle 1 hour max, Chargers are included. These are laptops no longer needed in our enterprise as new ones have come and these ones need to be cleared off. We are located at Peelham Farm (about 6 miles from Berwick) - Foulden, TD15 1UG and can not guarantee you pickup as nearby people have advantage over them. However, if you are still interested in getting any, delivery is available UK wide at £10 per laptop as we have courier some today. Number of laptops left today, Dell (112) HP (103), taking up to five laptops if you are many in a family is accepted.

Please kindly follow instruction below carefully below to help us serve you promptly.

Delivery & Payment

Delivery charges One laptop…........£10 Two laptops…......£20 Three laptops…….£30 Four laptops……..£40 Five Laptops…….£50.


Find nearest store outlet to buy paysafecard at https://www.paysafecard.com/en-gb/buy/find-sales-outlets/ or at http://paypoint.co.uk/ Once you get paysafecard, get back to us with: -Paysafecard codes…. -Your delivery details (Full names, home address & phone number) As soon as we get these details, we shall package the laptop(s) for immediate delivery and then get back to you with delivery details.

Payment 2 Email Amazon gift card accepted only for 5 laptops only at


Amount: (£50)

Recipient E-mail: amandaLPD@uk111.com

Your Name: your name

Message: Delivery details (Full Names, home address and phone number) Good Luck Amanda

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