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WARNING ! - scammers

Dear Letchworth Freecycle Community,

As many of you have noticed, there has unfortunately been an upturn in scam postings recently. Typically, these have taken the form of highly desirable items such as 'phones, PCs, prestige electrical goods etc for which an advance courier payment is requested.

While we appreciate that there are many truly generous people among you out there and these can be genuine offers, we are trialing a policy of posting warnings on such listings. Apologies in advance if you get one added to your genuine offer, but we're sure you'll appreciate the reasons behind this.

Please be wary when you browse, and remember the old saying; if it looks too good to be true...

Please do continue to let your Moderator Team know if you see a suspicious posting without a warning on!

Happy Freecycling - your Letchworth Mod Team.

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