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Mail - Fairness & Expectations


We frequently get complaints from people who have either asked for something to find it's been offered to someone else because of not replying fast enough. Or people not collecting items. In light of this for the fairness of all, please consider some of the following.

1. Email is not a communication system that is expected to be instant.... Some people need more time than others to check their mail. If you use a phone for you messages please don't assume that everyone does, not everyone has the same technology or means as everyone else.

2. Once you send a mail try to give a reasonable amount of time to allow the other person to respond.

3. If you don't get a reply - be patient, and ideally send an additional mail. Unfortunately Yahoo Junk mail filter does tend to file messages incorrectly, so your mail might not make it into the other persons Inbox - (this often means they may need longer to read their message.)

4. If you make arrangements to either collect and item or gift one - try to stick to them, or at least try to let the other person know.

Thank you

Dominic Lead Moderator

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