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A little politeness goes a long way

A little politeness goes a long way To all Preston Freecycle Members:

We've been getting various complaints from offerers regarding the politeness (or lack thereof) of some of our members. A little politeness can go a long way:

When responding to an offer, you're more like to get results with a message that is properly worded and spelled, and in complete sentences. Simply saying "I will take, when can I pick up?" is not particularly effective. Do not assume that an item is yours simply because you responded quickly. Also, it is unreasonable to expect an offerer to call you; while there's no prohibition on leaving your phone number in a response, you shouldn't expect that it will be used.

Please read offers carefully; more than once we've had someone come to get an item, to then find out it was not what they were looking for, even though it was correctly described. And offerers, please make an effort to describe items fully; why waste someone's time to come get something, only for them to find out it's not what they need? If you're offering books, list the titles, authors, or at least the genres ("fiction" is not a genre). If you have a picture, attach it to the posting; there's no reason to make members email you for a photo.

If you've agreed to pick up an item at a certain time, ensure you arrive at that time, or at least contact the offerer to let him/her know that you won't be able to make it. This person is doing you a favour; don't make life difficult for him/her.

If the offerer has agreed to leave an item outside for you, take only the item that you agreed on; we've had several complaints from members where people have taken not only their items, but also items meant for others.

Lastly, if you've received something, an emailed "Thank you" is always appreciated.


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